Franco Corso Live Presents

A Tribute to Andrea Bocelli and Friends 

With a voice that melts hearts and instills passion, Franco Corso is the newest Pop-Opera singing sensation in America. His sultry, deep, tenor voice has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his unique blend of pop and Italian-American operatic style. Franco's music has been labeled many things: Powerful, Enchanting, Sophisticated.  

Franco's career started in his his hometown of Sanremo, Italy where at the age of 6 he began sining in the local Church choir. This auspicious start would set the tone for his career that would take him, like Caruso years ago, to the United States to fulfill his dream. What started in a church in Italy has taken him to sell-out concerts across America. From the sold out Berklee Performing Arts Center with Emmy-award winning composer Mike Renzi in Boston to stints on NBC-TV and CBS. His performance showcased in various charity organizations including Mar-a-Lago exclusive Donald Trump's club, the Annual National Gala Event for the American Heart Association and a number of PBS featured events.  The Press has praised his renditions of Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban songs by calling Corso Powerful, Enchanting and Sophisticated. His talent is galvanized by his ability to render any of his songs in different languages, including English, Italian, French and Spanish.  

Last June, Franco took another step in his journey to share his passion and gift of music through his first debut Album of original songs. Appropriately titled 'Angel', it is his love letter to all those who has met in his journey. It is a testament to a passion that cannot be denied, but mostly it is a realization of a dream that a talented 6-year-old boy had in Italy years ago.