The Three Messketeers ~ Discovery Series for Young Audiences (School Show)

(Grades 1-5)
Ecology, Creativity, Imagination, Literacy Incentive, Creative Writing

Tuesday, Mar 12, 2024
at 10:15am
School Show
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2024
at 11:45am
School Show

The Kingdom of Clean is in despair due to the dastardly Duke of Dirt who has trashed the territory, polluted the ponds and fouled the forests with his rubbish. The Three Mess-keteers have been called to rescue the revered resources and exact environmental justice through quick action, clever thinking and creative clean up. Grades K-5

Tuesday, March 12th, 2024 I 10:15am & 11:45am

For more information about this Series or Ticketing contact Sue Nauss,

Arts & Education Coordinator, at 772-220-1942 ext. 203 or at


Discovery Series Flyer Form 2023-24.pdf
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