Summer Camp Testimonials

"I can't believe how much they both loved your camp.  We had no idea how much they would come to love the theater.  They're still singing and dancing together all over the house!"

"I must tell you and I know you've heard it over and over but he absolutely LOVED the LASC.  I asked him on Friday night after the show, so what was your favorite part of camp... He replied : ALL OF IT !! "
"You are by far the best camp we've ever attended or known about!  Thank you for all your hard work, it really shows in my child!"
"I can't tell you how much our daughter McKenna, loved Lyric camp. This is our first summer to enroll her. We have always known she has a theatrical interest. We are so proud of  her. She learned so much and had so much fun during such a short time. Your staff is fantastic. She cried after the final sharing program because she loves the counselors and the other campers. She will miss them until next summer. She felt so special. I can't thank you enough for her truly AWESOME experience! "

"My husband, Cassidy, and I agree that there is no better camp on the Treasure Coast! Thank you, and all the volunteers and staff, for offering such an enriching program for the children. We are looking forward to next year.  (Cassidy already has her plan on becoming an apprentice some day.)"

"Congratulations to you and your staff on another great Lyric summer camp.  Vivianne returned for her second year and loved it once.again.. You and your staff do a terrific job with the children. They learn so much and do it as a team.  Vivianne loved performing and her joy at being up there was visible! Thank you so much.  Vivianne will definitely be back next year.  She is already talking about it"

"My kids both had such an awesome time!  Not only did they beg me to put them in next year, but they also want to be counselors when they get older :)  You had such a wonderful impact on their lives.  I can't tell you how fabulous it is for me, as a Mom, to pick up my kids and listen to them just chatter on and on (and on and on and on) about how great camp was!  And for them to work together to learn their lines and the dance moves...well, it just made me very happy.  So thank you for that ~"
"Kaley has really enjoyed her time with you and your staff. Thank you for letting her shine by being herself, doing what she likes. It's so important. Can't wait to see the show!"
"Thank you! I just have to say it is such a pleasure having Kinslee back in camp at the Lyric. I absolutely love how organized your staff of volunteers are as well as how awesome your communication with the parents are.  We enjoy other camps, but we LOVE the Lyric!"
"I highly, and I mean WAY up there highly, recommend this camp! It opens the kids minds to music, dance, and camaraderie and so much more! That's why it's called AWESOME! EVERY child leaves with confidence and open minds!"

"This is the 2nd year my daughter has gone and she absolutely loves it. Miss Karin and her staff are beyond AWESOME w/ the kids as well. Fiona is only 8 and she is already planning on going every summer until she's old enough to be a CIT. Then wants to be a counselor too."

"I cannot say enough good things about this camp! My daughter Kristina is 14, and has Down Syndrome, this was her first time in camp. Her first day she would just run off to the other groups and wasn't listening. I spoke with Miss Karin and we came up with a system for her of earning 3 stars for good listening, or 3 checks and no TV. For Kristina that's serious stuff! She ended up with only 2 check marks for the whole 3weeks of camp! I am so proud of her!! Karin and her staff were absolutely amazing. I was also informed that about 90% of the kids were never exposed to anyone with Down Syndrome of any other type of disability. All of the children there treated my daughter for who she is, a 14 year old girl! This was the BEST experience ever, for Kristina & myself. Thank you!"
"What an amazing program that you all put together in just 3 weeks! Thank you!!!! We are both very impressed. McKenna absolutely loved it!"

"Thank you & your staff for taking such great care of our baby girl! She looks forward to L. A. S. C. all year long she loves everything about the camp the activities, the other campers, the staff and most of all the big showing at the end! She's made a few friends that are back from last year too and she's over the moon happy about that too!!"
"I want to give a big, giant THANK YOU to Karin and the fabulous, creative staff for the unforgettable camp experience my daughter had. She lives being on stage and the performance they put together was beautiful. We look forward to another great experience next year."
"Thank you Karin Leone and staff for another season of Lyric's Awesome Summer Camp. My daughter had a blast again this year and is already looking forward to next year. You are the best camp on the Treasure Coast!"
"Amazing program!! We were first time campers this summer and everything from the counselors to the activities were truly perfect. My 7 year old, Maxx LOVED this camp and will be a future camper for many years to come!!"
"Many thanks for providing a great camp experience for my daughter, Vivianne.  She thoroughly enjoyed the 3 weeks. The Showing at the end of camp was really great.  Very well planned, thought out and presented.  The entire staff did a great job and Vivianne really enjoyed everything she learned.  Communication with parents was  also very informative and timely.  Thank you for managing to keep the cost of camp within reach.  We look forward to attending camp next summer.  Well done to you and your staff on a great job.  Thanks again."
"All I can say is that I am so very glad I was told about your camp.  My daughter Faith has enjoyed herself so much and loved working with your entire staff.  The leaders were awesome and very talented.  Faith will definitely return next year and I would love to get plugged in with any camp activities you will be having in the future.  I felt my daughter was safe once I dropped her off and did not worry about her the entire time she was there!   Once again thank you very much!!!"
"Hooray for another fabulous season for LASC!  My daughter, Cassidy, cannot stop talking about camp from the moment we pick her up at 4:00 to the moment I tuck her into bed!  And she can't wait until the next morning for another day of camp!  She is already talking about coming next year.  She has no interest in any other camp.  And her father and I have noticed a tremendous blossoming in Cassidy's self-esteem and confidence level this season.  She has proven herself to be a good leader as well as a good follower.  Cassidy spends most of her time at home preparing for the camp's talent shows as well as rehearsing her lines and her songs and dances.  She has made new friends and absolutely loves all of her teachers at camp.  She has learned many rewarding skills and life lessons from camp, and she applies these lessons outside camp as well.  I applaud you all for this!  As a parent, I really like that the children remain at the Lyric all day long, with no outside field trips on buses.  It's comforting not to have to worry about where she is at any point during the day, or who is doing the driving.  And, for us working parents, it's convenient that LASC lasts all day long.  Thank you and all the staff for all you do for the kids."
"The Lyric camp is extraordinary for many reasons. Theater and self expression is what initially brought us to the camp. The director and counselors have exceeded my expectations. My son absolutely loves his days there and asks every day when he is going to return. I love that they incorporate crafts and field day activities as well. The Lyric camp is a well balanced and organized program with so much to offer. We look forward to the sharing and to next year." 
"Jenna is glowing every time I pick her up, I'm grateful for you and your staff, you are making such a difference in these children's lives. She has already told me next year it's going to be both camps for her : )" 
"Your camp is absolutely the best camp Kyle has ever attended.  He looks forward to it each day....each week...and then disappointed because he has to wait a WHOLE year for LASC to begin again.  He never stops talking about all the activities done each day and how all the counselors are so nice.  At night, he is completely exhausted from all the fun so on the Parent side...WONDERFUL.  Everyone is so nice to work with and they really encourage the kids.  I tell everyone I see about LASC and hope they have joined.  GREAT JOB LASC!!!!!!!"
"I want to share my experience (well really my son's) with the "Awesome" Summer program. We were apprehensive about sending our son to camp, as he has anxiety about being in groups. From the moment we stepped foot in the theater I felt at ease leaving him. Karin went above and beyond to reassure me. I received photos and texts showing me my happy child!! All of the staff were so wonderful and involved with the children. This is not just a way to keep your child busy for a few hours. They will be engaged, have fun, and learn valuable lessons, while interacting with peers! We were so lucky to have experienced this camp. Thank you for taking our son under their wings and helping him to soar!! Really thank you to all. You are all AWESOME."
"Just wanted to say thank you so much for putting together an amazing camp for these kids.  I have never seen my daughter (7) more excited to go to camp!  I have seen her grow in personality, self-esteem, and has given her courage.  Before this camp, my daughter would not have gone on that stage like she did for the first play.  So thank you for that.  Thank you again for being an amazing camp director. Hope to see you next year!"
"As we were leaving yesterday, Grace said, “ I am DEFINITELY coming back to camp next year!”  And I was nervous about whether or not she would warm up to everyone.  We are very happy to have heard about The Lyric Theatre summer camp this year, and although apprehensive, we signed Grace up.  We were apprehensive because this is the first camp that Grace is going to that wasn’t held at her school or with someone I know.  She is, or should I say, was shy.  Camp has brought out a whole new side of Grace that we were hoping we’d see.  She is much more confident and eager to meet new people.  She is very excited about performing on stage.  This is a child who was very quiet and wouldn’t leave Mommy’s side to talk to family members, and now she will be performing in front of many strangers…..and is excited about it.  We can’t thank you enough for all of the staff being so kind, compassionate, and enthusiastic and that the other children were so welcoming!  So excited to see the show Friday.  I wish there was an after school camp throughout the school year, but we will settle for coming back next year. Thanks again!"
"My daughter absolutely loved this camp. It was by far her favorite experience this summer and is looking forward to next year.  I was very impressed with the staff.  Their talent and passion brought life to this session.  The creativity with the use of recycled materials to build props engaged the children to use their imaginations.  Thank you for the wonderful experience."
"Thank you to you and your awesome staff for running such an organized and fun camp!  My two children have enjoyed the camp very much and are looking forward to coming back next year (alas we are on vacation during session two or they would be there).  All of the staff were friendly and they knew the kids names in a matter of days.  My children told me how much fun they had  in each of their classes and how nice all the staff is. Having a friendly and respectful staff is a great plus to your program.  I will certainly recommend the camp to my friends next summer."
"She is really enjoying herself! Her father and I can't thank your staff enough for what a great job you do. It's worth all the constant singing, dancing, clapping, snapping, tapping and elbow clapping we've had to listen to, and learn ourselves, to see Fi's self esteem grow and watch her be so happy : ).  Thanks a million."
"Just wanted to say how much fun Abbie is having.  She's been picked on, teased, and bullied and that has really hurt her self-confidence and self-image. I knew from experience that putting her in a creative environment would allow her to grow and shine. I wanted to help her find a "home" in the theater because of her bubbly personality. Anyway thanks so much to you and your staff for making her feel safe enough to be herself :)"