Production salutes love with nonstop sights and sounds

Friday, December 21, 2012

By Shelley Koppel
Staff writer

      STUART - The name says it all. Cirque D'Amour, or Circus of Love, is not the circus of your childhood. Kevin Black, artistic director for the show, says that the show, based on the theme of love, is definitely sensual. "We decided to combine the old art or burlesque with a Cirque-style show,"he said. "It features vocalists, dancers and specialty acts who do amazing things with the body."  Black began his career as a dancer, but decided being on stage was not
fulfilling enough.  "I enjoyed putting it together and making the product," he said. "I do all of the choreography, most of the costume design and help with the set design."   The choreographer worked for several years at Norwegian Cruise Lines, developing and producing shows as entertainment onboard ship. In 1992, he settled in Florida and began Kevin Black Productions to provide entertainment for cruise lines, resorts, corporate events and theaters. He
has designed several Cirque shows, each with a different feel. 

Black said that Cirque D'Amour is a kaleidoscope of movement, music and colors. It features the work of the Zunyi Acrobatic troupe.  "There's nonstop action," he said. "There's a tribute to Moulin Rouge and the 'Can-Can,' as well as a tango that's hot and fiery. There are contortionists, aerial acts and a lady balancing dishes and a chandelier on her forehead.  "We like to utilize instrumental music that gives the Cirque-style feeling, but we also use (music from)  Celine Dion, Beyonce and Heart. The ringmaster is a female, and she's not the ringmaster you may have in your brain."
The idea for a Cirque-style show came from the success of Cirque du Soleil.  Before Cirque du Soleil, the circus theme was thought to appeal only to younger audiences," Black said. "It was all about fun and clowns and
silliness in three rings. Cirque du Soleil made circus a form of art that would appeal to the intellectual side and brought it into the adult world."
For adults who may wonder if the show is suitable for younger audiences,  Black offered guidelines.  "There is nothing raunchy," he said. "If you feel that it's OK for kids to watch 'Dancing with the Stars,' this is appropriate for them."
Black said that the Lyric Theatre, with its intimate feel, is the perfect venue for this show.  "The show has a cabaret feel," he said. "The set is gorgeous, all red and gold and black. It's going to be very exciting and we're very proud of it.  It's 90 minutes and you won't be bored."

 Cirque D'Amour comes to the Lyric Theatre, 59 S.W. Flagler Ave., Stuart, on Jan. 8. Tickets for the 6 and 8:30 p.m. shows are $40.  For more information, call the box office at (772) 286-7827 or order online at
  For more information about Cirque D'Amour, visit the website,