Earl Turner's Box of 45's

Monday, December 16, 2013

A New Orleans resident and heir to a jazz legacy, Earl Turner was born with soul in his bones. Turner’s triple threat skills have sold-out performances from Las Vegas to Louisiana and now the Sin City’s “Male Vocalist of the Year” comes to The Lyric for a performance featuring the best of ‘70s rhythm and blues, from the O’Jays to the Temptations and more.  One of the finest entertainment acts in the country, Earl Turner’s performances will leave you begging for just one more song.
As the grandson of famous jazz artist and dancer L.C. “Speedy” Huggins, Earl grew up in a family surrounded by music. Inspired by his grandfather, Turner performed his first paid show at the age of 13 and never looked back. By 19, Earl Turner was traveling the United States with various show bands, quickly proving his place among the finest entertainers in the country. Earl continued his dream of performing and soon his music was heard across the Atlantic, reaching the Top 40 Dance Hit charts with “Love Caught You by Surprise.” Since his success internationally, Earl Turner has made a name for himself on the Vegas Strip, performing at the famous Dunes and Desert Inn as well as Caesars Palace. In his home town of New Orleans, Turner was welcomed with overwhelming praise. Not only did the Harrah’s name their grand ballroom the “Earl Turner Theatre”, but the aspiring entertainer was inducted into the New Orleans Hall of Fame as well. 
Earl Turner’s rise to prominence in the entertainment industry was not without its struggles. After Hurricane Katrina devastated Turner’s home town of New Orleans, the artist was faced with the potential loss of his long time performance space at Harrah’s. His show was put on hold and Turner was forced to relocate to Las Vegas, leaving behind years of success and memories. Luckily Earl received even greater success in Nevada, but the artist has never forgotten his roots and gives back to the community whenever possible, volunteering for charitable organizations such as the Special Olympics, Opportunity Village of Las Vegas, and even serving as spokesperson for The Blood Center of Louisiana. This January, Earl Turner will be giving back to the Stuart community, performing a number of timeless and unforgettable songs, such as “Unchained Melody” and “My Girl” that will have the whole audience singing along.