Rhythm of the Dance

Monday, February 10, 2014

Celebrate the rich tradition of Irish dance and culture this March with a special musical performance by the National Dance Company of Ireland. Featuring 30 dancers, a full traditional Irish band, and The Young Irish Tenors, Rhythm of the Dance is the foremost authentic traveling step dancing show, sticking to its Celtic roots and portraying the native dances of Ireland with integrity and passion.
Anticipating the National Dance Company of Ireland’s first American Public Television show, Rhythm of the Dance has embarked on a 2013/2014 tour of the United States, showcasing their incredible musical and rhythmical talents. Already their tour has received wide critical and popular acclaim, selling out venues from the West to East coast in anticipation of their PBS special. Starting in 2014, Rhythm of the Dance will begin incorporating multimedia to enhance their already enthralling show. From the Celtic Step to the rare Sean-Nós dance, a tradition stemming from the ancient island of Innishbofin outside of Galway, Rhythm of the Dance is as real as it gets.
Setting themselves apart from the widely recognized Irish step dance traveling shows, such as Lord of the Dance and Celtic Thunder, Rhythm of the Dance avoids overly glamorous set designs and inauthentic contemporary pop infusions. Instead, the National Dance Company of Ireland strive to represent the true Celtic tradition and modern Irish character, employing dancers who have trained extensively in the Irish step dancing tradition since they were children. Not only are their dancers authentic, but Rhythm of the Dance stresses musical authenticity as well, incorporating a variety of traditional Irish instruments, such as the Celtic Bouzouki, the Cittern, tea whistle, and Pennywhistle flutes. The step dancing company has taken over the world, performing in 59 different countries for a total of 4.8 million people.