Steve Trash

Proudly sponsored by The Bauman Family Foundation

Steve Trash loves garbage. The self-proclaimed garbologist and green magician does magic tricks using everyday things people have thrown away. His goal is to entertain with magic tricks and illusions while telling the story of how nature works and how we need to preserve and conserve it. This is an interactive one-hour show that is perfect for the whole family!

Trash grew up in Alabama and has a degree in theater from the University of North Alabama. He moved to New York and studied at the Stella Adler School of Acting. In a 2010 interview with, he explained how he fell into garbage. “I wanted to make a living in entertainment,” he said. “I was an actor, but that didn’t really fulfill what I wanted. I wanted to reach people with fun, comedic entertainment. I stumbled onto doing tricks with trash and it just grew into this big thing, being able to share ecological principles through really high-quality magic tricks and stage illusions.”

Audience members may watch Trash saw Mother Nature in half, but not to worry. She will be put together by “reusing, reducing and recycling.” “I’m always looking for a way to make the magic play into a story I tell about how Mother Nature works and how we can conserve resources. I always want to do very high-quality magic. Magic should never suffer from trying to tell the eco message.”

Trash aims his show at the entire audience, but performing for children is his passion. “Probably the greatest thing on the whole planet is a kid laughing out loud. Because they are very pure about the things they laugh about. You can really get at their hearts in a meaningful way if you can make them laugh.”

Trash walks the magic walk. He created the world’s first eco-friendly green magic set that can be used by adults and kids. It is made up of renewable bamboo and rubber tree wood. In 2013, he and Kelvin Holly released an album called The Trash Tunes, and he is a creator of The Recycle Cycle, a mobile recycling edu-station, to help kids learn the importance of keeping the earth clean and litter free. He has been given the Environmental Educator of the Year award, and his Green Magic Set won an American Specialty Retailers Association Award in 2009. He was a featured guest on LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow Magic Week and has appeared on CBS, ESPN and CNBC. He has appeared in theater, fairs and festivals around the world, spreading his message of going green and being kind.

“Be good. Be amazing. Don’t be mean.” Those are his watchwords.

Come and watch and join the fun.