Tom Papa

with opening acting, Paul Morrissey

Comedian Tom Papa’s first book, Your Dad Stole my Rake And Other Family Dilemmas, looks at families in all their weirdness, from the crazy aunts with mustaches to grandparents who communicate by yelling to uncles who use marijuana as a condiment. It is, the promo material says, “for anyone who has a family, grew up in a family or spent time with another human being.”

That’s the universality of Papa’s humor. We know the people he talks about. He is the head writer and regular cast member of “Live from Here,” the newest incarnation of the legendary radio show, A Prairie Home Companion. He is featured in his own segment, “Out. In. America. With Tom Papa.”

The comedian is a regular on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and on Conan O’Brien’s show and his third hour-long stand-up special, Human Mule, is available for purchase or streaming. It had its premiere in 2016 on Epix. His first two specials, directed by Rob Zombie, were the critically-acclaimed Tom Papa: Freaked Out and Tom Papa Live in New York City.

Papa is host of the hit podcast and SiriusXM show, Come to Papa, a weekly hour-long show featuring him exploring the funny side of life. His guests have included Mel Brooks, Ray Romano, Carl Reiner and Jerry Seinfeld. Several times a year, in New York and Los Angeles, Papa hosts a Come to Papa scripted radio play that is recorded live for the podcast and radio show. He has residencies at Largo in Los Angeles and The Village Underground in New York City and he writes the script for each show and casts top actors and comedians to act or perform stand-up, all backed by a live band. Performers who have participated include Matt Damon, Sarah Silverman, Joel McHale, Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Nealon and Kevin Pollock.

In 2013, Papa was seen alongside Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in the HBO film, Behind the Candelabra, which was directed by Stephen Soderbergh and won 11 Emmys. He was also seen in the hot Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer. His movie credits include The Informant with Matt Damon, The Haunted World of El Superbeast, directed by Rob Zombie, and Analyze That, with Robert DeNiro. He was also seen in Soderbergh’s Cinemax series, The Knick.

On television, Papa was chosen by Jerry Seinfeld to host the NBC series, The Marriage Ref, which ran for two seasons. He had a recurring role in the Julia Louis-Dreyfus series, The New Adventures of Old Christine and has his own NBC series, Come to Papa.

In the fall of 2018, Papa hosted his own Food Network series, “Baked,” where he took his love of baking and explored bakeries throughout the country. The show developed from his love of making sourdough bread using his own starter and visiting expert bakers while on tour.

In 2019, Papa was seen in Rob Zombie’s film 3 From Hell. His third hour-long stand-up special, Human Mule, is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon and his first two critically-acclaimed specials stream on Amazon, Hulu and Netflix and are available as downloads. In 2020, Netflix premiered his fourth hour-long stand-up special, Tom Papa: You’re Doing Great! It’s a fun rebuttal to our current cultural feeling of dread.

His new podcast, “Breaking Bread with Tom Papa,” premiered on May 12, 2020 and features Tom and his guest for an hour of drinking, eating and enjoying life. Listeners are invited to take a seat at the table as Tom and his guests celebrate the true meaning of breaking bread with insightful, revealing and always funny conversations. Also on May 12, Tom released his second book, You’re Doing Great and Other Reasons to Stay Alive, a collection of essays on how people really live in modern America and what’s truly good and wonderful about our lives.

Tom Papa appears on NPR’s comic game show, Wait, Wait. Don’t Tell Me, several times a year, and in 2020, filled in for Peter Sagal as host.

When he is not busy touring the country, the comedian lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two daughters and a cat and dog. He spends most of his time writing and baking bread.

Tom Papa is one funny guy. You’ll want to come to Papa, too.

Comedian Paul Morrissey has gained a fanbase from his Network TV appearances on shows like “The Late Show with David Letterman" & "The Late, Late Show” on CBS, which he has made four appearances on so far. Paul performs at theaters & comedy clubs around around the world. He headlined the 2018 4th of July Armed Forces Entertainment Tour for US & Coalition Troops in Iraq.

Morrissey headlined the Magner's Comedy Festival in Hong Kong & Singapore, the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland, three times at the Lucille Ball Comedy Fest in New York & four times at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. He has also appeared in the Nike "Riquickulous" commercials with NBA star Chris Paul. Morrissey’s 1 Hour Comedy Special “A Real Humdinger” premiered in 2018.