Environmental Studies Council Presents

Dolphins in The Wild - Cracking The Code

The Wild DolphinProject is a non-profit scientific research organization, based in Jupiter, Florida, that studies and reports on a specific pod of free ranging Atlantic spotted dolphins in the Bahamas. Founded in 1985 by Dr. Denise Herzing, The Wild Dolphin Project is the longest running underwater dolphin research project in the world. With our underwater focus on observing and recording underwater behavior and sound, The Wild Dolphin Project is determined to “Crack the Code” of dolphin communication. The more we learn about dolphins and the environment in which they live, the better equipped we are to help protect them “In Their World…On Their Terms…”
The most recent media coverage was a 2018 episode of “Dolphins: Breaking the Code” by Changing Seas and provides a 26 minute overview of our research. Our monthly blogs can be found here.

We have many membership levels that come with many perks such as first opportunity to sign up for summer trips, discounts on local events, t-shirts, books, yearly newsletter and monthly e-newsletters. Corporate members are listed as our supporter on our website and in the newsletter.

Our field research season spans from May to September and the general public is invited to join us on specific trips. The sign-up instructions can be found on this page and specs for our Research Vessel can be found here including a walk-through video on Youtube. We also have a very successful internship program for high school and college students interested in marine biology, animal behavior, or a similar field.