The Lyric League Presents

Youth Arts Celebration 2022

Prepare to be amazed by Treasure Coast student performers in the 5th annual Youth Arts Celebration presented by The Lyric League! Young entertainers, grades 12 and under, will take to The Lyric stage in this dynamic talent showcase to represent their passions and dedication through various forms of performing arts.

The Youth Arts Celebration is not a contest, but rather an opportunity to recognize these students for their commitment to their craft, the courage to express themselves and their love of the arts. The emerging artists are diverse in their talents and backgrounds, but all are united by their love of performing. While not all of the participants have aspirations of performing professionally, they are clearly benefiting from their arts education demonstrating positive, respectful, focused behavior and support for one another. Beyond the appeal of the bright lights and thunderous applause, these talented performers also benefit from the sharing and exchanging of ideas, exposure to different styles of artistic expression and a sense of camaraderie. Reinforcing how arts education instills discipline and values so vital to becoming a quality human being. The parents and educators deserve equal credit, as there is no denying the level of commitment these families have made to their children.

This annual event is spearheaded by The Lyric League to expand The Lyric Theatre Arts & Education Programs affording Treasure Coast youth even more educational opportunities for cultural enrichment. The Lyric’s Arts & Education Programs provide master class and residency opportunities for students in area schools; The Discovery Series for Young Audiences, a series of school-time shows exposing students to live theatre and correlating theatrical content to standards-based curriculum; Family Fun Series provides the magic of live entertainment, reinforcing the fundamental values of time spent as a family; and building character on and off the stage at The Lyric’s AWESOME! Summer Camp.



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