We could be Heroes ~ Lyric AWESOME Summer Camp!

Session 1: June 6 - 24, 2022

We Could Be Heroes

On the big screen, we are familiar with seeing heroes fly in and save the day. BUT, not all heroes wear capes... or suits of iron. As a matter of fact, we see heroes every day, in our doctors, firefighters, policemen and women and even in our parents and teachers! If we try, we, too, can be heroes. And our power isn't found in a magic hammer or gamma rays, it is because of our kind actions and deeds toward others that... we can be heroes.

​Lyric AWESOME Summer Camp! Session 1: June 6 - 24, 2022

A typical day at L.A.S.C. is anything but typical. Each day campers will rotate to drama, dance and music groups where they learn new skills, materials and work on their presentations for the grand finale – a show right here on The Lyric stage!

At Lyric’s AWESOME! Summer Camp, we are more interested in developing camper’s character off the stage than on stage. LASC has proven to be a powerful platform to get kids on board with socially responsible behavior. Each session supports a theme to promote teamwork, self-discipline, problem solving, tolerance and kindness. We use the performing arts as a medium to teach practical life skills applications and character-building techniques that translate to everyday life. Each of the teaching staff at LASC are passionately committed not only to arts education, but to bolstering the self-confidence and empowerment of each of our campers. Through working together toward the common goal of presenting the sharing, our blossoming actors learn to overcome adversity, insecurities and respect for direction and different points of view. And it’s just plain FUN!

Don’t want to be on stage? We’ve got an important role for you too! Join our Stage Crew and build props, scenery and help run the show. And just to round things out, we throw in some crazy summer camp fun like a arts & crafts, game show fun, movie days and outdoor recreation.



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