Wings To Fly Dance Company - Evolve

The world-class performances of the Wings to Fly Dance Company have become legendary, with audiences enthralled by the passion, energy, and sincerity of each performer as they seamlessly deliver a unique dance vocabulary rich with artistic excellence. Offering the best in thematic dance is Martin County’s best-kept secret – WTFDC!

Life experiences plus cultural and spiritual influences inspire the artistic directors to create an unforgettable experience. Integrating dancers with and without disabilities, their illuminating work is noted for answering the hopes of many who dream of performing and achieving their ultimate passion.

The Lyric Theater’s intimate seating connects our performers to the audience, and we’ve really missed those connections since our performances of Hope in 2018 and 2019. The emotion and energy in Evolve will reflect the flames deep within us to endure through the invasive and devastating effects that have touched all our families, our way of life, and society. What have we had to do? Evolve

Like all of the Wings to Fly’s shows, Evolve will remind us of how important faith, attitude and perseverance are in manifesting desired outcomes in life. Come enjoy an evening of unforgettable entertainment that features the best in local amateur and professional talent!