The Jersey Tenors

Hey, youse guys. It’s not too early to think about Valentine’s Day, especially if you usually mess up (and you know who you are.) The Jersey Tenors are coming to town, bringing music from Frank Sinatra to Frankie Valli to Figaro. The four talented guys, complete with Broadway and operatic credits, are Jersey born and bred and Jersey proud.

The latest opera and rock mash-up sensation, the Jersey Tenors seamlessly perform some of opera’s greatest works alongside the best of Josh Groban, ABBA, Queen, Journey, Elton John, Kool and the Gang, and of course, the best that Jersey has to offer, from Sinatra and Valli to Bon Jovi and Springsteen and Jersey girl Whitney Houston. They are genre-bending and hard to classify and they like it that way. The Jersey Tenors have opened for Diana Ross, Dionne

Warwick, Chubby Checker and President George W. Bush and were featured on the season finale of The Real Housewives of New York on Bravo. Backed by a six-piece band, the boys bring a vast musical repertoire together in one night of song that honors the sound of “Joisey” and beyond.

The Jersey Tenors debuted their show in Florida in 2014, bringing with them original arrangements of songs like “Walk like a Man,” “Still Rock ‘N Roll to Me,” and “You Raise Me Up.” Their great vocal talents and killer harmonies have made them popular throughout the United States and at events worldwide. They’re having a good time and they want you to know it.

“We take our music seriously,” said Tenor Vaden Thurgood. “The biggest take-away is for us to see the audience share in the fun we’re having.”

Thinking of not coming to the show? Fuggedaboutit.