Adam Ezra Group

With Supporting Act, Ben Krieger

For the past decade, the Adam Ezra Group, fronted by Ezra and including bandmates Corrina Smith on fiddle, Alex Martin on drums and Poche Ponce on bass, has worked outside the confines of the traditional music industry, building a fan base and sweeping up awards and accolades. From a 2012 Grassroots Award from the New England Music Awards to a 2021 Digital Performer of the Year honor from the same group, they have taken New England and the country by storm, regularly performing hundreds of shows a year without any major label or mainstream radio support.

Fusing folk intimacy and rock energy with soul power and pop charm, the Adam Ezra Group first emerged from Boston in the early 2000s and quickly garnered acclaim for bold, insightful songwriting and interactive, euphotic performances. They played in hole-in-the-wall bars and then to sold-out concerts with Little Big Town, Gavin DeGraw, Train, and The Wailers, treating each gig as if it were their last and attracting a die-hard following that believed in the music and the band’s commitment to activism and social change as well.

When COVID led to a canceled tour, Ezra brought the show online and created The Gathering Series, which has, to date, accumulated more than 15 million viewers. His commitment to his audience, both long-time listeners and newcomers, didn’t waver through his own bout with COVID, his move across the country and his wedding day. He has broadcast every night at 7pm Eastern Time from wherever he happens to be. For the past ten years, the group’s homegrown festival, The Ramble, has raised money and resources to help homeless veterans find safe and dignified housing. When the band was unable to bring the festival to fans live during COVID, they incorporated it into The Gathering Series and hosted a 24-hour, nonstop livestream where they raised enough money to help 64 veterans.

In addition to the live streaming, the band is touring again and has embarked on an ambitious new recording series dubbed The Album Project, which will see the group release at least 19 new singles over the next few years. What comes next for the Adam Ezra Group is to make music however and wherever it can.

ACE Music Conference said of Adam Ezra, “If Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, James Taylor, and Jack Johnson had a baby, this would be it. Lyrics are unique. A melding of sounds, all enjoyable. This must be heard!”

No need for labor pains. Adam Ezra has arrived.