John Pizzarelli Quartet

Over his career, John Pizzarelli has revitalized jazz, bringing a refreshing, modern twist to the genre while staying true to its roots. Called “madly creative” by the LA Times, the guitarist and singer is not afraid to blend styles, mixing pop and Latin styles with a jazzy flair, making him one of the most interesting contemporary artists today. Since his success with the Boston Pops, John Pizzarelli has skyrocketed into fame, hailed for his finely crafted performances and memorable albums.
John Pizzarelli first started playing guitar at the age of six, and he never looked back. An incredibly gifted, and not to mention, lucky teenager, John had the honor of performing with some of the greatest names in American music, including Benny Goodman, Les Paul, and Zoot Sims. As a rising musician, John opened for the likes of Dave Brubeck, Rosemary Clooney, and even had the opportunity to open for Frank Sinatra during his 1993 international tour. With these kinds of incredible experiences under his belt, John Pizzarelli developed his own signature style. The aspiring guitarist quickly displayed his remarkable ability to incorporate a variety of styles and create something decidedly unique. Over the years, John has recorded prolifically, producing albums including a range of musical styles from ballads to holiday favorites. 
Despite his range of influences, John Pizzarelli names Nat King Cole as his greatest hero, even dedicating two of his albums to the legendary musician. However, that hasn’t stopped the contemporary jazz star from having fun with the genre of jazz. In 2004, Pizzarelli produced a CD entitled Bossa Nova featuring the clever and inspired blending of Brazilian musical stylings and traditional jazz. His latest album, Double Exposure, is a celebration of pop music, reinvigorated with a splash of jazz.