Dukes of Dixieland ~ New Orleans Mardi Gras Jazz

Featuring the Mardi Gras Music found in New Orleans during Carnival Time!
Carnival Time
All On A Mardi Gras Day (Big Bass Drum)
Go To The Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras Mambo (Iko Iko)
Bourbon Street Parade
While We Danced At The Mardi Gras
Big Chief
Second Line
Sick and Tired
Hey Pocky Way
New Suit
Saints (Street Beat)

When the saints go marching in, they’ll be doing it to the high-steppin’ sounds of New Orleans' Own Dukes of Dixieland. With trombones, trumpets and clarinets raised high, the Dukes proudly carry on one of New Orleans’ most valued traditions. If you want to get technical about it, Dixieland is an amalgam of brass band marches, French Quadrilles, ragtime and blues, played in a polyphonic format. For the rest of us, that means a spirited, joyful variation on jazz known to early musicians as small-band swing. 
The DUKES of Dixieland blow traditional jazz and Dixieland into the 21st Century, weaving strands of pop, gospel, and country with authentic New Orleans sounds. More than 38 years of tradition stand behind today’s DUKES as they step forward with a sound that is durable and flexible, as jazz is meant to be. The DUKES of Dixieland: strong tradition, new ground, and great sounds.
The DUKES have worn their New Orleans jazz heritage proudly as globe-trotting jazz ambassadors from the heart of the Big Easy. They are the oldest continuing Dixieland jazz band and have sold out venues such as The Hollywood Bowl, the Kennedy Center and the Smithsonian, to name but a few. Bright and brassy or smooth and dark as cane syrup, the DUKES bring a time-honored authenticity to all of the hits of Dixie’s yesteryear.