Talk to Me ~ Art Cinema

Drama, Action & Adventure, Comedy
English / R /  1 hr. 58 min.

Don Cheadle stars as outspoken ex-convict and iconic radio personality Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene in a powerful biopic detailing the life and career of a media figure whose voice instilled the black community with hope during the turbulent 1960s. After talking his way onto the Washington, D.C. airwaves in the era of free love, a man emboldened by the inspirational soul music and rapidly expanding social consciousness that defined the decade openly courts controversy as his put-upon producer. 

"The movie also presents '60s turbulence from a black point of view, which is not only bracing but also feels closer to the point of it all." - Kyle Smith, New York Post

"As an intimate portrait of the complex, fruitful and extremely volatile friendship between trailblazing African American men whose daring came to redefine an industry, it's fresh and revelatory." - Carina Chocano,  Los Angeles Times