Featuring seductive choreography and incredible acrobatics, Cirquesco combines components of various international dance styles and European circus techniques together for an unforgettable night that will test the limits of the human body. From the Argentinian tango to the French burlesque, Cirquesco is a breathtaking production featuring state-of-the-art lighting, costuming, and choreography.

Developed and designed by choreographer and artistic director Kevin Black, Cirquesco is unique in its combination of sensual dance numbers and high-flying acrobatic numbers. Black has an extensive history in dance and theater, having developed countless theatrical productions for major cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Recently, Kevin Black directed Spamalot, Tommy, and The Rocky Horror Show at The Crest Theatre in Delray Beach.

With a cast of professionally-trained dancers and acrobats, Cirquesco is an experience all its own. The production is an elaborate exploration of acrobatics and dance set to an electrifying soundtrack that will cause your jaw to drop. Like Cirque du Soleil meets the Moulin Rouge, Cirquesco is a titillating exploration of the human body in action.