SWINGTIME featuring The Jive Aces with Special Guests The Tinseltown Jitterbugs

Celebrated across the globe for their musical talent and audience engagement, the London-based Jive Aces present SWINGTIME!, a night of swing, jive, and R&B. The Jive Aces cover hits from some of the music industry’s greatest stars, including Louis Prima, Dean Martin, and Bobby Darin. Called “absolutely brilliant” by the notoriously critical Simon Cowell, the Jive Aces bring energy to every performance, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia and excitement.

Combining perfect technique with practiced improvisation, The Jive Aces are the U.K.’s “No. 1 Jive and Swing Band.” After becoming the first band to reach the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, the Jive Aces had the honor of performing for the Queen during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The sextet have performed at thousands of festivals across the world, impressing audiences with a style they call “Jump Jive” music, described as a combination of swing and rock music. Over the years, the Jive Aces have worked with a number of major recording artists, including John Travolta, Chuck Berry, and Isaac Hayes. In their performance “In Full Swing” at the Royal Albert Hall, the Jive Aces headlined the sold-out show which marked the famous venue’s first swing dance event.

The swing group has released seven studio albums over their career so far, including an album devoted entirely to the genre of skiffle, a type of music typically performed using homemade or improvised instruments. Their latest album, entitled King of the Swingers: A Salute to Louis Prima, features guest artists Kenny Ball, Toni Elizabeth Prima, and many more. Despite their success as recording artists, The Jive Aces remain most effective as live performers, bringing new energy and excitement to each and every show. Their production Swingtime! celebrates the greatest swing, jive, and R&B musicians of the 20th century.