​SOLD OUT ~ The Hot Sardines

The spiciest jazz ensemble out of New York City, The Hot Sardines have brought the jazz of the 1920s, ‘30s, and ‘40s to a whole new generation with their innovative takes on classic standards. Led by Evan “Bibs” Palazzo with vocals by “Miz Elizabeth” Bougerol, The Hot Sardines combine sounds from New York, Paris, and New Orleans to create a sound different from any other. Called “one of the best jazz bands in NYC today” by Forbes Magazine, The Hot Sardines have already revolutionized the genre, and they’re just getting started.

The Hot Sardines grew out of a chance meeting between NYC-based Evan “Bibs” Palazzo and Parisian-born “Miz Elizabeth” Bougerol. Both Palazzo and Bougerol enjoyed successful careers outside of the music industry, with Palazzo working in film production and Bougerol developing a career as a writer. Despite their success, both Evan and “Miz Elizabeth” felt dissatisfied with their careers, set on fulfilling their dreams to perform in a jazz band. One day, after responding to the same Craigslist advertisement, the two aspiring musicians met and The Hot Sardines were born. While performing together at an open mic at Banjo Jim’s in the East Village, the duo met a tap dancer, whose driving rhythms became the backdrop of their developing project.

Since The Hot Sardines were formed, the band has skyrocketed into fame. Shortly after forming, the group received an anonymous inquiry for a jazz band willing to perform at a last minute gig. Incredibly, the gig ended up being the Midsummer’s Night Swing at Lincoln Center. Their energetic, innovative performance amazed the audience, earning them an overnight fan base and bringing them into the national spotlight. In October of last year, The Hot Sardines released their debut self-titled album featuring jazz classics and original compositions inspired by some of the genre’s greatest legends, including Fats Waller, Django Rheinhardt, and Louis Armstrong. The jazz ensemble has performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Symphony Hall in Boston, and the famous Joe’s Pub in New York City among others. Their unique style and ability to translate the allure of 1920s jazz to a modern audience has earned them a reputation as one of the foremost jazz groups touring today. This season at The Lyric, The Hot Sardines will perform jazz standards as well as some of their own creations.