​SOLD OUT ~ Magic of Motown

With four of the best male Motown singers touring today and one incredible leading lady, the Magic of Motown recreates the culture-defining pop songs of the 1960s. Featuring delicate harmonies, charming choreography, and a six-piece back-up band, the Magic of Motown accurately and honestly covers the most recognizable tunes from the Motown era as a tribute to one of the most influential periods in American music.

Starring the falsettos of Donald McCall, deep bass of Steven Wood, and soothing vocals of Denny Mendes and Arthur Jefferson, the Magic of Motown creates an atmosphere of soulful nostalgia. The lead female singer of the group enjoyed a successful career in theatre, performing in acclaimed performances of A Raisin in the Sun, Smokey Joe’s Café, and Dream Girls. The six-piece back-up band sets the mood, complete with a saxophone player, trumpeter, guitarist, bass player, keyboardist, and drummer. Musical director Richard Marshall has brought the Magic of Motown to audiences domestically and internationally, performing for thousands of people, including the King and Queen of Denmark.

Under the direction of Michael Yorkell, the Magic of Motown brings you back to the beginning of the classic Motown sound, from the Temptations to Marvin Gaye. The talented ensemble will perform some of the era’s greatest hits, covering all of the recognizable tunes you’ve grown to love.