Kathleen Madigan

Named Funniest Female Stand-up Comic by the American Comedy Awards, Kathleen Madigan may be barely over five feet, but her comedy presence looms large. Influenced by Ron White, Richard Jeni, and Lewis Black, Madigan has appeared on such television specials as Last Comic Standing, I Love the 90s, and Celebrity Poker Showdown just to name a few. Her irreverent sense of humor and dark honesty characterize her unique style of stand-up comedy beloved by devoted fans and new listeners alike.

Born in Missouri just outside of St. Louis, Kathleen Madigan was raised in a large family of Irish Catholics. Shortly after graduating from college, Madigan began working for the local St. Louis-area Suburban Journals and Missouri Athletic Club as a writer. Dissatisfied with her career as a writer and inspired by her father to pursue comedy, Kathleen Madigan began performing stand-up during open mics in various St. Louis comedy clubs. Soon, she was offered a paying job from the nationwide comedy chain Funny Bone and the aspiring comedian’s career quickly took off.

Madigan has starred in her own HBO and Comedy Central Presents comedy specials, and has appeared numerous times on all of the biggest late night talk shows, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and The Late Show with David Letterman. Madigan also hosts the Blue Collar Comedy show on Sirius XM radio and has written material for a number of television programs, notably the 2004 Emmy Awards. Kathleen Madigan will bring her signature style of comedy to The Lyric stage this season in a performance not to be missed.