​A Peter White Christmas featuring Rick Braun and Euge Groove

Your favorite Holiday show returns with Peter White, Rick Braun, and Euge Groove in A Peter White Christmas. Combining the unique styles of jazz, pop, and classical genres together, A Peter White Christmas puts a new spin on Christmas classics from “The Little Drummer Boy” to “Greensleeves.” Starring veteran musician Peter White, this special holiday tradition in Martin County will also feature trumpet player Rick Braun and saxophonist Euge Groove.

Peter White started playing the electric guitar when he was a young boy, inspired in part by the music of groups like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. When an accidental fire destroyed his electric guitar, White transitioned to the acoustic and a jazz icon was born. After receiving his first professional booking when he was only 19, Peter White joined Al Stewart’s band as a keyboardist on the famous singer-songwriter’s international tour through England, Scotland, and the United States. White and Stewart continued to work together over the years, collaborating on the release of the major 1976 hit, “Year of the Cat.”

Performing with Peter White in A Peter White Christmas this year are Rick Braun and Euge Groove. Comfortable with a variety of instruments, Rick Braun has mastered the trumpet. Braun began his career as a session musician, and over the course of his career, has released over 15 albums, including a Christmas album titled Swingin’ in the Snow. Joining Peter White and Rick Braun this year is the chart-topping saxophonist Euge Groove. Groove has played with a variety of musicians, including Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, and Joe Cocker. His latest album, Got 2 Be Groovin’ is a collection of nine original pieces and one cover that showcase the saxophonist’s incredible creativity and diversity.

A Peter White Christmas is always a favorite among families, bringing together audiences young and old. The Christmas special was inspired by the success of Peter White’s holiday albums, such as Songs of the Season and the eponymous A Peter White Christmas. This Christmas, join us again for a night of Christmas melodies with Peter White, Rick Braun, and Euge Groove.