Paul Tanner “12 Personalities and No Waiting”

Considered the next “Man of Many Voices,” Paul Tanner has astonished audiences from Las Vegas to Broadway with his impeccable impressions of singers, celebrities, and comedians alike. From Mick Jagger to Barry Manilow, Paul Tanner excels at the art of impressions, making every performance a tour through the musical history books. His incredibly accurate impressions of all the biggest stars, from Louis Armstrong to Englebert Humperdink, will have you doing double-takes.

Paul Tanner first started doing impressions at the age of 7 and he never looked back. The world-class entertainer has brought his talents to audiences across America, wooing the ladies and charming the men wherever he goes. Often compared to the great impressionist Danny Gans, Tanner makes every show new and exciting, presenting an eclectic range of vocal impressions from every decade of American music. Paul Tanner loves getting the audience involved, encouraging his fans to sing along and become a part of the show. Featuring the voices of Elvis, Neil Diamond, and Julio Iglesias, Paul Tanner’s performance at the Lyric Theatre is a must-see for music lovers.