Brad Ross Family Magic Show "Unbelievable"

Merlin Award winner and innovative illusionist Brad Ross offers a new approach to classical magic. In his latest production Unbelievable, Ross encourages audiences to look for the wonder in everyday life, performing creative and impressive tricks with a modern flair. Performed in venues big and small on over five continents, Brad Ross’- Unbelievable features all of your favorite illusions, from levitations to impossible escapes, in a way you’ve never seen before. Ross gets viewers young and old involved with audience participation, so prepare for a night of magic and wonder.

Called an “illusionist extraordinaire” by ABC Television, Brad Ross has been performing as an illusionist for over two decades. Ross began studying magic as a young child in his hometown of Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Soon, the aspiring illusionist began performing at children’s birthday parties and other local events. It wasn’t long until his talent was recognized on an international level. Throughout his career, Brad Ross has been featured on national and international television over 500 times, including performances on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, the Disney Channel, and Fox TV’s Good Day New York. Notably, Brad Ross received the prestigious Merlin Award for “Best International Family Entertainer” from the International Magician’s Society, the magic world’s equivalent of the Academy Awards.

Ross has always been fascinated with the way that magic can open up a world of possibilities where anything could happen. The magician hopes to bring that same sense of wonder to his audiences in every performance. For his performance at The Lyric Theatre this season, Brad Ross will perform all of the classic tricks, including slight of hand and disappearing acts, with an updated style, bringing magic into the contemporary era.