​Celtic Nights

From the hills of Eire to the shores of Ellis Island, Celtic Nights – Spirit of Freedom weaves a tale of Irish strength and pride through the medium of song and dance. Featuring six vocalists, six international dancers, and a talented troupe of musicians, Celtic Nights – Spirit of Freedom draws from the folklore of Ireland to tell the legacy of their forefathers. The two-hour showcase includes favorite Irish pieces, such as “Danny Boy” and “Whiskey in a Jar,” as well as an exploration of the influence Ireland music has had on American sounds, from bluegrass to western genres.

A tale of travel and hardship, the history of the Irish people is explored in Celtic Nights – Spirit of Freedom. Although some of the journey is melancholic, the show is also filled with laughter and excitement, using the magical folklore of Ireland as inspiration. Covering a range of Irish traditional tunes as well as some more contemporary variants, Celtic Nights – Spirit of Freedom dives into the Irish influence on American music, featuring notable classics from “Shenandoah” to the songs of the Civil War. Accompanying this exploration into the musical history and influences of Ireland is the show’s elaborate imagery and costuming, which sets the background for the incredible journey.

Over their North American tour, Celtic Nights – Spirit of Freedom has been met with overwhelming praise by audiences from California to Pennsylvania. The performers’ ability to transition from jigs and reels to hornpipes and polkas have brought them many fans from coast to coast. This season at The Lyric Theatre, Celtic Nights – Spirit of Freedom will weave the tale of the Irish people through song and dance that will have you crying, laughing, and begging for more.