After 20 years out of the spotlight, the beloved Southern Rock group the Outlaws are returning with brand new music, mission, and focus. Known for their three-part harmonies and triple-guitar rock, the Outlaws recorded major hits including “There Goes Another Love song,” “Knoxville Girl, and “Green Grass and High Tides.” The newly-reborn rock sextet features founding members Henry Paul and Monte Yoho, who, along with the rest of the group, are forging their place in the Southern Rock genre once again.

The Outlaws were formed in Tampa, Florida in 1972. The group’s unique sound was immediately recognized by audience members and music industry bigwigs alike, and the Outlaws soon became one of the first acts signed by Clive Davis to Arista Records. Their first three albums, The Outlaws, Lady in Waiting, and Hurry Sundown were met with widespread critical and popular acclaim, featuring such hits as “Freeborn Man” and a cover of “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky,” which reached No. 31 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart. After the release of their third album, member Henry Paul left the group to form the Henry Paul Band for Atlantic Records, and later formed the multi-platinum group Blackhawk. Over the next two decades, the Outlaws struggled with frequent personnel changes, legal battles, and a lack of vision. The death of founding members Frank O’Keefe, Billy Jones, and Hughie Thomasson dealt a major blow to the spirit of the band.

But, the Outlaws always persevere. “The Florida Guitar Army” is back with a brand new studio album, It’s About Pride. The recording, four years in the making, features an impressive line-up of Southern Rock songs, including “Tomorrow’s Another Night,” “Born to be Bad,” and a particularly evocative cover of Henry Paul’s 1979 classic “So Long.” As Monte Yoho describes, this new album is about “where we’ve been, where we’re going, and why we still love to do this.” The group now features original members Yoho and Henry Paul, as well as new members Billy Crain as lead guitarist, Chris Anderson as co-lead guitarist, Dave Robbins on keyboards and vocals, and Randy Threet on bass and vocals. The Outlaws