Mark Russell

Ripping material from today’s headlines, political satirist and pianist Mark Russell will perform at The Lyric Theatre this season. Unafraid to target politicians on both sides of the aisle, Russell’s unique approach to political comedy has earned him national recognition. Winner of the Mark Twain Award, Mark Russell has inspired the likes of Stephen Colbert and John Stewart for decades with his unflinching insight into the absurdity of the American political system.

Born in Buffalo, New York, Mark Russell began his career as a comedian in 1975 when he created a series of PBS specials that refreshingly combined political stand-up comedy and musical parodies. The series ran nearly thirty years, earning Russell a place in the history books as one of the most successful and influential political satirists of all time. Russell has often been asked the question, "Do you have any writers?" His response is always "Oh, yes. I have 535 writers. 100 in the Senate and 435 in the House of Representatives!” For many years, Russell made an annual appearance on the popular, long-running NBC show Meet the Press, commenting on the latest news through his signature combination of comedy and song.

After a brief touring hiatus, Mark Russell began performing again in 2013. The musical comedian continues to perform to sold-out audiences across the nation, always staying up on the latest trends and news stories and keeping his material fresh and relevant. Prepare to witness the American political system get turned upside down and inside out with Mark Russell’s clever musical parodies.