Stuart Heritage Museum Presents

Little Laura & Big John

In 1969 a movie producing company came to Martin County with stars Fabian Forte and Karen Black. They filmed a movie based lightly on the Ashley's,1920's gang, from our area.

They shot scenes in downtown Stuart, on the beach, at the House of Refuge and all over. Many local actors were used. The movie was never shown but after Karen Black was nominated for an Oscar for the movie "Five Easy Pieces " they decided to come back, make it R rated and film more footage making it longer. It is very mild compared to todays standards but does have a naked woman coming out of the water in one scene and some violence.

It is far from being a great movie but the scenery shows 70's Martin County and is worth seeing. After being asked many times about showing it, the Lyric and Stuart Heritage are doing that September 8th 2015 at 7pm, as our monthly meeting.

Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis at the Lyric Box office for $5.00 per person to cover expenses, going on sale July 1 2015. As many of the locals actors that we can find will be introduced at the beginning of the movie. Come and join us for a treat!