Atlantic Coast Ballet Company Presents

The Snow Queen

“The Battle against a Frozen Heart”

Covered in frozen beauty stood an enchanted land of ice, where once lived the wicked Snow Queen with her frozen heart. She was not always so horrible; there was a time in which she was happy and generous, but in one short day everything changed. Bent on misery, she freezes the heart of the good King’s only son, Kai. The Royal Family grieves heartily, but there is still hope. Young sister Girda is visited by an enchanted Princess who reveals a plan to save her brother and unfreeze his heart. Girda and the Princess embark upon a journey in which they must begin to look at others through different eyes by finding hope, becoming endued with the power of love, and finally, defeating their most powerful foe…Fear! In an epic battle of courage and love, one small girl puts her own life aside and selflessly pursues the cure for the ultimately frozen heart. Will she succeed? Join us this December in this magnificent journey told through Atlantic Coast Ballet Company’s original production of “The Snow Queen!”