Wings To Fly Dance Company Presents


WTF? Contemporary, yoga, ballet, modern, and jazz individually may be the cornerstones of dance companies worldwide, but when woven seamlessly into a unique dance vocabulary by the Wings to Fly Dance Company (WTF), an entire magical structure materializes rich with artistic excellence. Life experiences and world travel - absorbing cultural and spiritual influences - inspires the work of WTF ’s artistic directors Tasha, Tena and Tara.

Revealing an appreciation of the depth and spirit of the human struggle, WTF will take you on a “Journey” of life - the dreams, challenges, triumph and tragedies all with love and compassion in search of peace. Integrating dancers with and without disabilities, their illuminating work is noted for an underlying sense of discovering truth, which resonates through people’s lives in a profound way. From Aerosmith and Bach to Bocelli and Cole, the music provides a powerful foundation for movement. Live musicians and singers often permeate their shows elevating the energy in the theater. Guys reluctantly dragged to the show, only to be first on their feet in applause and wanting for more.

Local audiences raved about the energy and passion of the previous three shows created and performed by the
WTF. Quest, Time, and Life were emotional and memorable masterpieces that staged the talents of local performers and included some surprises! With 25 years of choreography experience, Tasha Patterson Shirley now works with her family to create an exciting and diverse repertoire, engaging in unique collaborations with a wide variety of talents.

"Wings to Fly Dance Company embodies a unique partnership between professional dancers and adults with disabilities, and if there's one word that describes the performances I've been privileged to watch over the years, it's joy"
- Anthony Westbury, Scripts TC Palm, June 7, 2012