Lyric's AWESOME! Summer Camp ~ Session 1: June 11th - 29th

Theme: From the Inside Out

From the Inside Out

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Dr. Seuss

Accepting oneself for who they are is a journey. It comes with time, patience, and above all - love. Campers will come together in a harmonious musical extravaganza of what it means to accept and respect the individual staring back in the mirror.

Performance June 29th at 6:30pm


A typical day at L.A.S.C. is anything but typical. Each day campers will rotate to drama, dance and music groups where they learn new skills, materials and work on their presentations for the grand finale – a show right here on The Lyric stage!

At Lyric’s AWESOME! Summer Camp, we are more interested in developing camper’s character off the stage than on stage. LASC has proven to be a powerful platform to get kids on board with socially responsible behavior. Each session supports a theme to promote teamwork, self-discipline, problem solving, tolerance and kindness. We use the performing arts as a medium to teach practical life skills applications and character-building techniques that translate to everyday life. Each of the teaching staff at LASC are passionately committed not only to arts education, but to bolstering the self-confidence and empowerment of each of our campers. Through working together toward the common goal of presenting the sharing, our blossoming actors learn to overcome adversity, insecurities and respect for direction and different points of view. And it’s just plain FUN!
Don’t want to be on stage? We’ve got an important role for you too! Join our Stage Crew and build props, scenery and help run the show. And just to round things out, we throw in some crazy summer camp fun like a arts & crafts, game show fun, movie days and outdoor recreation.


CONTACT NUMBER: The best number to reach me once camp is in session is via text or calling my cell phone: 772-713-1316 or via email: Please DO NOT call my Lyric Theatre office number, as I am here at camp and WILL NOT get your call.
FOOD RESTRICTIONS: As part of our fun camp activities, your campers will be given the following items below, If there is any reason, you DO NOT want your campers to have any of these items, please let me know:
  • Oreos
  • Ice Pops (has food dyes)
  • Chocolate / Hard Candies
  • Pizza (Show Day)
DON'T FORGET Sunscreen & Bug Spray!

SUPPLY WISHLIST: If you have any of these items around the house and care to donate to camp - we would REALLY appreciate it!
  • crayons
  • washable markers
  • extra child & adult size white T-shirts
  • Oreos
  • small plastic or paper cups
  • extra snacks (for campers without)
  • Ziploc plastic bags - sandwich & galllon size
Reminder: Please DO NOT drop off your campers before 8:45am. Dismissal is at 4pm. Please DO NOT pick them up early unless it is for a doctor's appt, etc. We will be rehearsing for our show and unnecessary absences make it very difficult for the rest of the cast.
WEEKLY EMAILS & UPDATES: Each week, I will be emailing you with important information about upcoming special events, projects, themed days, etc. Please be sure to check your email and our website regularly for important information.

THE SHARING: Our big show is Friday, June 29th at 6:30pm. On Show day, campers are to arrive at the normal 9am time, but will stay at camp until the sharing at 6:30pm. We will use this time for rehearsal and a PIZZA PARTY! If your camper had dietary restrictions, please send in or drop off an alternate meal. The Sharing is generally around 60 min. long and is followed by a brief awards presentation. Your campers will them be signed out to you at THE LYRIC, following the ceremony. Each camper is entitled to two complimentary tickets to The Sharing. Additional tickets may be purchased through me at Flagler Place for $5 each - Cash or check made out to The Lyric Theatre only please. Seating is first come, first serve. Doors open at 6pm. General Admission seating.

VIDEO/PHOTOGRAPHY: You are welcome, and encouraged to video the performance. Photos are OK as well.


PICK-UP AND DROP OFF: Please drop off NO EARLIER THAN 8:45am & Pick-up PROMPTLY at 4pm. Flagler Place has a circular drive way which will serve as our car loop. Drivers will enter on the South side of the building. Camp counselors in Bright Blue Camp Staff shirts will be in place to guide you. WALKERS - Campers that walk to and from camp (only for ages 10 and up, require written consent of guardian).

POLICIES/RULES: I hope you have all reviewed the handbook with your campers so that everyone has a clear understanding of our policies.

Here a few reminders:
· Closed Shoes ONLY - Campers wearing sandals, flip-flops, clogs, etc. will have to sit out of activities until someone is able to bring appropriate shoes.
· Skirts/Dresses - Because of dance classes, skirts & dresses may only be worn with shorts, bloomers or leggings underneath
· NO CELL PHONES - Cell Phones will be confiscated upon use. Children needing to contact their parents, may ask a counselor to go make a phone call.
· NO valuables, video games, IPods, IPads, etc. - The Lyric will not be responsible for loss or damage of personal properties such as these.
· Bullying of any kind is grounds for immediate dismissal. Tuition will not be refunded for students dismissed for behavioral problems.

LUNCHES/SNACKS: Your camper will need to bring 2 snacks & a brown bag lunch each day. PLEASE NO SODA, CANDY OR OTHER SUGARY SNACKS. Refrigeration or microwave use is NOT AVAILABLE.