Waist Watchers The Musical

If you liked Menopause! The Musical, you'll love Waist Watchers The Musical. Taking place in a ladies' gym, four women work out and sing about their battle with dieting, exercise, and of course, men. Featuring hilarious parody renditions of some of your favorite tunes, including Botox Queen (Dancing Queen) and I Went to the Buffet Line (I Heard it Through the Grapevine), Waist Watchers The Musical has sold out theaters all across the country, from Fort Lauderdale to St. Louis. An infectious combination of clever songwriting and engaging content, every woman can relate to this timely musical parody.

Created in 2007, Waist Watchers The Musical first toured nationally in 2010, met with critical and commercial success. The writer of Waist Watchers, Alan Jacobson, has produced over 80 shows across the United States, notably producing the off-Broadway hit Down the Garden Paths starring Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson. Waist Watchers The Musical is directed by Matt Silva.

Waist Watchers The Musical only improves upon the tradition established by Menopause! the Musical, offering a night of rip-roaring hilarious commentary on the nature of sex, food, and womanhood after 40. Featuring four incredibly talented singers, Waist Watchers The Musical is beloved by critics and audiences alike. As John Lariviere of TalkinBroadway.com said, "if you've ever wanted to lose weight, suffered through the latest fad diets, had too many cosmetic surgeries to count (or better yet, your wife or partner has), this show is for you."