Bravo Amici

A tribute to the emerging genre of contemporary classic crossover music, Bravo Amici is a unique group of talented tenors and divas whose vocal style blends the genres of pop and classical. Singing a collection of classical and contemporary arias, Bravo Amici’s vocalists are some of the most acclaimed international performers, having sold more than 3 million albums. Bravo Amici takes on the best of pop and opera, imbuing the genres with a taste of the classical.

Bravo Amici is brought to you by the creators of the world’s first opera band, Amici Forever. Founder and original cast member Geoff Sewell also stars in Bravo Amici, the latest contemporary classical crossover group. A tenor from New Zealand, Sewell is a multi-platinum selling international recording artist, known as one of the creators of the world’s first “pop-opera” group. A revolutionary in the pop and classical genres, Sewell has continued to push boundaries in the music industry.

Bravo Amici will perform hits from pop, classical, and opera repertoires, combining all three genres for a style that is quite unique. The classically trained tenors and divas bring audiences of different backgrounds together in a show that defies boundaries as it creates a new genre of music. Don’t miss Bravo Amici in their first performance at The Lyric Theatre.
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