Ballet Fest Dance Academy and Florida Ballet Festival Company Presents

A Different Kind of Chrismas

“A Different Kind of Christmas”

The night approaches and it had snowed all morning.

Some poor kids were wandering the streets looking at the busy crowd of people, running from one place to the other. These people were busy taking care of the last details and preparing themselves for Christmas night.

They were in such a rush that they didn’t have time to look around. Nobody notices “them” the less fortunate.

They are there, in their lonely misery, picking up leftovers from other people’s happiness; however, in their innocence, they feel like a part of the Christmas joy.

This is a story about Dreams, Wishes and Love……

Ballet Fest Dance Academy and Florida Ballet Festival Company
Under the Artistic Direction of Fidel Herrouet and the Academic Direction of Adela Sanabria. Offering their 38 years of experience performing, teaching and choreographing. Firmly build their school around classical technique and performance with the intention of training future professional dancers.

Fidel Herrouet was born in Cuba. Started his dance carrier in the National School of Ballet companied by many Masters of Ballet in his country and from around the world. Fidel later began his exciting career in Cuban National Ballet Company and did so for 20 years, also achieving principal roles in Internationals Companies.

Adela Sanabria was born in Venezuela. Started her dance carrier in the Metropolitan Ballet of Caracas concluding her studies in Cuba. As a teacher she created a syllabus to work with the youngest looking forward to increase their skills and building their bases to become dancers. Together they open the School in Port Saint Lucie in 2013. Serving Treasure Coast and building successful children.