Menopause: The Musical

A big hit at The Lyric Theatre, Menopause: The Musical returns for another performance exploring the good and bad of “The Change” that women know all too well. Whether it’s cravings or hot flashes, Menopause: The Musical covers it with knee-slapping parodies of the biggest pop hits of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. After nearly 15 years of touring around the world, the beloved show still offers a fresh take on growing older.

Written by Jeanie Linders, Menopause: The Musical first debuted in Orlando, Florida in 2001 at a 76-seat theatre and converted perfume shop, the Orlando Church Street Theatre. It wasn’t long before the show began touring around the world in over 13 different countries for over 11 million people. With performances in the Philippines, Israel, South Africa, South Korea and more, Menopause: The Musical follows the story of four women who, after meeting at a lingerie sale, commiserate over the plights from memory loss to nocturnal sweats and sexual frustration.

The show features 25 parodies of pop hits from the era of the Baby Boomer while touching on a subject once considered too taboo. Not just for women, the 90-minute performance is loved by men and women and has earned the honor of being the longest-running scripted production in Las Vegas. Catch a light-hearted take on a topic affecting approximately 40 million women when Menopause: The Musical returns to The Lyric.