Tito Puente Jr.: A Walk in My Father’s Shoes

Son of the legendary American salsa and Latin jazz musician Tito Puente, Tito Puente, Jr. has big shoes to fill. And boy does he! A favorite at The Lyric Theatre, Tito Puente, Jr. returns for another night of exhilarating Latin rhythms that will get your feet moving. Best experienced live and in person, this intimate performance will feature songs off Tito’s album Got Mambo? and more, bringing a taste of contemporary jazz to the traditional mambo style.

Always honoring his father’s legacy, Tito Puente, Jr. has also made a name for himself as one of the most exciting Latin musicians touring today. Puente, Jr. has performed in over 300 shows in a variety of venues across the country, from jazz festival stages to grand symphony halls. In 2004, Tito Puente, Jr. released the celebrated album In My Father’s Shoes, which inspired a BET Jazz television special with the same name. Tito has also appeared on the NPR tribute The Apollo at 70: A Hot Night in Harlem and the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. In 2010, Tito Puente, Jr. released Got Mambo? embarking on a new era in his musical career. The album featured guests Hansel & Raul and Bobby Cruz, combining traditional mambo with new and innovative salsa compositions.

For his performance this year at The Lyric, Tito Puente, Jr. will perform all of the songs that have shaped both his father’s legacy and his own, embracing a genre-bending form of Latin music that has critics and audiences tapping their toes. With years of touring and 2 albums recorded, Tito Puente, Jr. is exposing a new generation of fans to the Latin music genre.