Bumper Jacksons

Bumper Jacksons are hot and sweet, painting America's story from the streets of New Orleans to Appalachian hollers. Combining roots music, street jazz, country swing, and blues, Bumper Jacksons aren't easy to pin down. Named the Washington Area Music Award's "Best Folk Band" from 2013-2015 and “Artist of the Year” in 2015, the group has created waves with their fun and accessible style that both pay homage to the traditions while creating some new traditions of their own. Bumper Jacksons explore musical sounds from all over the United States.

Bumper Jacksons was formed by members Chris Ousley and Jess Eliot Myhre in 2012 after the duo decided to host an impromptu music session on the front lawn of a radical bike house in Washington, D.C. The group has continued in that youthful and improvisational spirit, with three albums that draw upon the traditions of American culture. Co-founder Jess Eliot Myhre, whose talents in songwriting and vocals are as strong as her talent with the clarinet and an iconic frog washboard. Born in Florida and raised singing in churches, performing in funk bands and hip hop groups at Wesleyan University, she moved to New Orleans, where she focused on roots music east of the Mississippi. Myhre is now a two-time winner of the Mid-Atlantic song contest in jazz and vocal categories. Co-founder Chris Ousley was raised in Maryland, with talents ranging from guitar and vocals to a graceful Kentucky-style tenor banjo and songwriting. Performing with Ousley and Myhre is Alex Lacquement on upright bass and harmony vocals, Dan Samuels on drums and suitcase percussion, Dave Hadley on pedal steel and Brian Priebe on trombone and harmony vocals.

As they continue to evolve and explore the frontiers and histories of our nation’s dance music traditions, Bumper Jacksons manage to combine their talents into one seamless and energizing experience. Bursting at the seams with some of the richest threads of old America, Bumper Jacksons re-imagine American roots music bringing you into the center of a party where everyone's invited and the dance floor never sleeps.