The Machine performs Pink Floyd

Back for another action-packed performance, The Machine performs Pink Floyd is an experience like no other. The Machine brings the music of the legendary English rock band to life as they perform some of Pink Floyd's most beloved and memorable songs from all 16 albums. Performing for over 20 years, The Machine combines high-tech lighting and production, extravagant stage displays, and unrivaled musicianship for an evening that is as engaging as it is memorable.

The Machine performs Pink Floyd features bassist Adam Minkoff, keyboardist Schott Chasolen, guitarist Ryan Bell, and drummer Tahrah Cohen. Over their touring career, the group has performed at venues of every size and style, from casinos to clubs to music festivals like Bonnaroo and Riverbend. Dedicated to their craft, The Machine performs Pink Floyd is known for their impressive A to Z set list, in which one song is played for every letter in the alphabet from Pink Floyd's songbook. From their start as an aspiring tribute band, the Machine has evolved into a cultural phenomenon, attracting loyal fans wherever they go.

The group has released a number of albums, including their 2004 Two Nights at the Keswick, which is an archive of the Machine's bi-annual residency at the historic Philadelphia venue. In 2006, they released Unplugged, which included extremely rare solo material from founding Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett performing at B.B. King's in New York City. More than your average cover band, The Machine performs Pink Floyd is a constantly evolving tribute to the unforgettable legacy of Pink Floyd. Meant to be experienced live, Rolling Stone magazine has stated that The Machine performs with an "amazing...chilling accuracy."