Doc Grober and the Mudcats “A Tribute to Louis Armstrong”

The Doc is back again. This time around Doc Grober and the Mudcats are celebrating the life and music of one of the most influential jazz performers of all time with A Tribute to Louis Armstrong. The Treasure Coast’s favorite Dixieland doctor and his rockin’ Mudcats band will explore some of Armstrong’s most memorable compositions from “What a Wonderful World” to “Ain’t Misbehavin.”

Before Doc Grober became a physician, he got his start in the music industry, performing as a pianist in a Pennsylvania band called Ron Grober’s Quaker City Rhythm Kings. The group enjoyed success as a touring group, performing for audiences from New York to Philadelphia. However, the Doc put his musical passion on hold as he pursued a professional career in medicine, eventually earning his degree as an orthopedic surgeon. As talented with a scalpel as he was with the piano, Doc Grober received the honor of becoming the Florida team physician for the St. Lucie and New York Mets.

Eventually, Doc Grober returned to his first love, music, after being invited to perform at the Pelican Yacht Club in Ft. Pierce. The Doc organized a group of some of South Florida’s most talented jazz musicians to perform at the club, and they’ve been touring ever since. Giving his jazz ensemble the name of The Mudcats, Doc Grober and the gang have been delighting audiences across Florida for years. Now, Doc Grober and the Mudcats return for an evening celebrating the life and professional achievements of jazz legend Louis Armstrong in A Tribute to Louis Armstrong.