James Madison, the U.S. Constitution, and America’s Ongoing Revolution

A Conversation with Kat Imhoff

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Rarely does a great patriotic story begin with the hero quietly reading books. Yet this is the origin story of our national government and the often forgotten hero of this story is James Madison, the person who drew the one map for our country that has stood the test of time, connecting one generation to the next, offering us a framework for the future.

As President and CEO of James Madison's Montpelier located outside of Chalottesville, Virginia , Kat Imhoff is among the first generation of women to oversee all aspects of a national historic site. Under her leadership, Montpelier has become a leader in the research of slavery in the Early Republic and garnered the attention of patriotic philanthropist David M. Rubenstein, whose $10 million gift in 2014 jumpstarted efforts to reconstruct the landscape of slavery at Montpelier and fully furnish James Madison's historic home.

Montpelier also operates The Robert H. Smith Center for the Consitution whose mission is to improve the public's understanding of the founding principles of the United States and inspire civic engagement. Kat's fresh, visionary leadership of the Center has repositioned Montpelier as a cultural organization with an innovative instinct for connecting history to present day challenges through its civic education programs for constitutional practitoners.

Prior to joining Montpelier in January 2013, Kat enjoyed a five-year tenure as State Director for The Nature Conservancy in Montana, where she led a successful $90 million effort to conserve an ecologically intact unit of 310,000 acres of land in the Northern Rockies that serves as an environmentally protected migratory corridor extending from Wyoming across Montana to Canada.

Before her leadership role at The Nature Conservancy, Kat served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation (TJF) which owns and operates Monticello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

She has served as the Executive Director of the Preservation Alliance of Virginia, Vice President for Conservation and Development of the Piedmont Environmental Council, and the Executive Director of the Commission on Population Growth and Development, a 33-member legislative study commission established by the Virginia General Assembly to promote growth management legislation.