Get A. Grip, A Hilarious New Comedy!

Ted is living the dream as ACME Bank's Mortgage and Loan Clerk. Except that he's lost his life savings and his mother may soon spend 5-10 at San Quentin, while his own felony charge may have him sharing her cell. In the meantime, the bank's president just foreclosed on a local theatre. A hit play will surely provide suffcient revenues to save the bank's and his own flagging reputation, while the experience will teach his offspring a valuable, yet fruitless, lesson. To achieve his goal, the president will force his deadbeat family, a handful of unsuspecting actors and Ted into building, rehearsing and performing a play about love gone exponentially wrong. In this play-within-a-play comedy, the backstage crew will defy off-stage, while the playwright confounds on-stage. The playwright and director will be out-maneuvered as opening night unfolds and the ensunig chaos rewrites the last act.