Arthur Migliazza, Boogie Woogie Piano

When you hear the sounds of boogie woogie blues, it’s hard to keep your toes from tapping. This season, Arthur Migliazza will have you jumping out of your seat and into the aisles with Boogie Woogie Piano. A historian and storyteller, Migliazza takes audiences on a journey through the history of African-American music, tracing its influence on all kinds of American pop music, from jazz to rock n’ roll. The award-winning pianist has brought his unique take on the boogie woogie style to audiences across the world for over 20 years. As blues reviewer and blogger Bill Wilson has stated, “If anyone can bring boogie woogie piano back into style, this is the man for the job.”
Arthur Migliazza began playing piano at the age of 13. The up-and-coming pianist was mentored by prominent musicians Henry Butler, Ann Rabson, and Mr. B during his early years. A competitor at heart, Migliazza was a finalist at the 2010 and 2014 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. In 2014, he received the Best of the Blues Award for Best Keyboardist in Washington State. As a contemporary leader in the boogie woogie style of blues, Arthur Migliazza was inducted into the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame in 2010. Throughout his career, the blues musician has performed at major international venues, including Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, and Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow as part of the sold-out Kings of Boogie Tour.
His latest album, Laying It Down, reached #1 on the Roots Music Report charts for Washington State and reached #20 nationwide. The album was also included in the Grammy entry list for 2015. Most recently, Arthur Migliazza has appeared in the off-Broadway show Boogie Stomp!, performing at the Elektra Theatre in Times Square. In addition to performing, Migliazza is a talented instructor, teaching the piano for over 20 years. His work in education has resulted in an instructional book called How to Play Boogie Woogie Piano, which has been hailed as a critical tool for aspiring blues pianists. Let Arthur Migliazza take you on an adventure through the history of American music.