7 Bridges: The Ultimate Eagles Experience

7 Bridges brings six musicians dedicated to honoring the Eagles, one of the most successful rock bands in history. Two of the Eagles’ albums, Their Greatest Hits and Hotel California, were ranked among the 20 best-selling albums in the United States and the band is ranked 75 on Rolling Stone’s 2004 Greatest Artists of all Time list.

The musicians of the Nashville-based 7 Bridges strive to create a tribute to the Eagles’ music without backing tracks or harmonizers. They recreate the experience of an Eagles concert, note for note, with hits like “Take it Easy,” “Witchy Woman,” “Best of My Love,” “Take it to the Limit,” “New Kid in Town,” and, of course, “Hotel California.” Every show features hit single after hit single, with, they note, some surprises thrown into the mix. The show is truly intended for the Eagles devotee who knows every word of every song and for the more casual fan who just loves good sound.

7 Bridges features Jason Manning as Glenn Frey, Keith Thoma as Don Henley, Bryan Graves as Randy Meisner/Timothy B. Schmidt, Rob Evans as the eccentric and unpredictable Joe Walsh, Blake Hall as guitar wizard Don Felder and Vernon Roop as Joe Vitale, whom 7 Bridges considers “the often unsung hero” of many Eagles studio albums and live performances.

Jason Manning, who takes on the role of Glenn Frey, began as a piano player when he was 4. By the time he reached Texas A&M, he picked up the guitar by playing along to his favorite Eagles tunes. He toured with several bands after college and in 2005, formed Manning-Dickson, which had several singles on the Texas Music charts for several years. When he is not on the road with 7 Bridges, he is a writer and producer.

Keith Thomas, who portrays Don Henley, began his musical career using his mother’s cookware as instruments. He joined country duo The Truesdells in 1995 and then stepped away from country music to explore classic and modern rock. From 2002-2004, he toured with Lonesome Road and then settled in Nashville.

You might just want to follow them down the Seven Bridges Road.