Lawn and Disorder: A Comedy from the Suburbs with Karen Morgan and Jim Colliton

Lawn and Disorder: A Comedy from the Suburbs, asks the burning questions. Is your house a disaster? Is your yard a disgrace? Does crabgrass rule your life? Is your family crazy?

National headlining comedians Karen Morgan and Jim Colliton have joined together to bring these important topics to the fore. Through stand-up comedy, audience participation and a crazy couples’ game show, the two make you forget about the dirty dishes back home or the pile of laundry that won’t fold itself. Both Morgan and Colliton understand that life is the biggest comedy of all.

“What are trials and tribulations of everyday life to most people become fodder for our humor,” they say. “Our show allows the audience to laugh and let go because they relate to the shared experience. The show came about because we were both traveling the country as solo artists making people laugh about our families and lives in the suburbs. We quickly found that by joining together, we were able to bring both perspectives of marriage and parenting to the audience, It has been successful because it gives everyone permission to laugh at their own circumstances and we are better for it.”

The two architects of this suburban madness bring years of comedy to the crabgrass. Karen Morgan is a former trial lawyer who began her professional comedy career as a finalist on Nickelodeon’s Search for the Funniest Mom in America. She has performed at comedy clubs from Caroline’s in New York to the Improv in Las Vegas to the Comedy & Magic Club in California. She can be heard on Sirius XM Radio and has done ads for Walmart and Zyrtec. She also performs for corporate and charitable events and is still licensed to practice law in Georgia and Maine, in case the comedy gig doesn’t work out.

Jim Colliton is married with three children, which he says has turned every man’s life into a comedy routine. His first comedy CD, Stories from the Suburbs, won the Just Plain Folks Music Festival’s Comedy CD of the Year in Nashville. Jim has appeared on Comedy Central and has shared the stage with Patti LaBelle, Kenny Rogers and the Beach Boys. He is a fixture at theaters, comedy clubs and cruise ships and also makes corporate appearances.

Morgan and Colliton say that the show is clean comedy for grown-ups. “Get a babysitter for the little ones but bring Grammy with you,” they say. “Don’t bring Uncle Earl. He’s crazy.”