Allengang Entertainment Presents

Assisted Living: The Musical

Assisted Living: The Musical® is a 75-minute vaudeville-esque revue originally written for two actors and a pianist. The show’s host couple enters heaven, suspecting their son pulled the plug… to get his hands on Dad’s vintage Corvette. They don’t seem to mind. Instead, the couple fondly remembers Pelican Roost, an active, full-service retirement community.

There, eighteen different characters sing and dance, revel and kvetch, celebrate and bloviate their way through later life.

Naomi Lipshitz-Yamamoto-Murphy regularly upgrades her living arrangements as an unintended consequence of spousal mortality.

A Stetson-ed lawyer promises that legal compensation hides in every act of aging.

A Wellness Center nurse actively — very actively — recruits organ donors.

A 93-year old Cadillac owner redefines “Drive Thru Window.”

A frentic hypochondriac chases…

Well, you get the idea, each one is living his and her life — in the moment — to the max.

There are no sad songs, no Depends® jokes and no f-bombs in Assisted Living: The Musical.

Everyone there is having way too much fun for that!