Turnstiles The Ultimate Tribute to the Music of Billy Joel

Do you LOVE Billy Joel? Turnstiles certainly does! After years of performing and touring with various original and cover bands, band leader Tony Monaco enlisted some of the finest musicians and fellow Joel fans to join him in paying tribute to the one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our time, Billy Joel.

The definition of "Tribute" is “An acknowledgment of respect and admiration”. That is precisely what has driven Tony Monaco, a lifelong fan of the Piano Man, to form "Turnstiles". Totally inspired by Billy’s music, he used that inspiration to grow as a pianist, vocalist, and songwriter. As a result, Billy's style has been forever imprinted on his musical soul, much like that of Ray Charles, The Beatles, and many others have been imprinted on that of Billy Joel.

Never intending to be an impersonator, Tony’s voice just naturally resembles Billy’s. Combining that with his ability at the piano and a world class band, you actually feel this band’s love and commitment to the music. Witnessing them create a faithful, totally live Billy Joel concert experience is something that you won’t soon forget!

Turnstiles has toured extensively and continues to perform nationally and internationally for hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic fans of The Piano Man. This show simply put, rocks the house and never disappoints!

Turnstiles’ performance is high energy and thrives on audience participation. They faithfully recreate Billy's classics with a passion that will surely move the casual listener as well as the hard core "Joel fan" to their feet, singing along with all the classics!