Albert Castiglia

Friday, Jul 12, 2024
at 7:00pm
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“It may be premature to crown Albert Castiglia America’s King of the Blues, but there’s little doubt that at least he deserves the title of heir apparent.”

If the last few years are any indication, that comment from Miami New Times is certainly the case. In 2020, he won a Blues Music Award, Blues Album of the Year, for Masterpiece. In 2023, he won both Blues Rock Artist of the Year and Blues Rock Album of the Year for I Got Love. If he’s not the king, he’s certainly ready for the crown.

Castiglia was born in New York City and raised in Miami. He began playing the guitar as a teen and, after college, was discovered by legendary blues musician Junior Wells. He joined Wells’ touring band and served what he called “an apprenticeship” as Wells’ lead guitarist, a position he held until the music legend’s death in 1998. Castiglia then went on to work with singer/songwriter Sandra Hall as well as with Aron Burton, Pinetop Perkins, Melvin Taylor, Phil Guy, Ronnie Earl, John Primer, Eddy Clearwater, and Otis Clay.

Castiglia has never allowed himself to be confined to a musical genre and AllMusic said that his style “combines hardcore blues with soul, rock, and country flavors for a sound that will appeal to rockers and purists alike.” His solo career has resulted in critically-acclaimed albums and praise for his instrumental prowess, searing vocals, and dazzling live performances.

Castiglia’s award-winning 2023 album, I Got Love, features 11 blues-drenched tracks and is a personal statement from the artist, telling his story of the past few years.

“It’s about falling, failing, adapting, reinventing, surviving, and becoming triumphant,” he said. “It contains musings of an unemployed man, a Covid-stricken idiot, and getting through it like Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption. The blues and blues infused music is rooted in truth. This album is my truth. I went through it all - loss, depression, illness, fear of the unknown. I know I couldn’t have been the only one that went through it. This collection of songs is for those who felt like I did. It’s for those who went down fighting and those who keep on fighting. This album is for everyone. I Got Love is the most thematic album I’ve done since Masterpiece. My daughter and grandchildren were my muse for Masterpiece. With I Got Love, it was the deepest darkness and the brightest light, two extremes that tested every fiber in my being. I’m glad I lived to tell the tale.”

So, too, are we. The tale awaits.