The Bronx Wanderers

Tuesday, Feb 4, 2025
at 4:00pm
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Tuesday, Feb 4, 2025
at 7:00pm
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Direct from Las Vegas, The Bronx Wanderers
This Musical Tour-De-Force Is a Family Affair

What comes to mind when a father, his sons, and two of their high school classmates get together and create a show? For starters, you can say a diverse recipe of hilarious personal stories, a vast repertoire of songs spanning all genres and decades, and one family's journey together through life and music.

Initially launched on a whim by Vinny Adinolfi, record producer, executive and publisher in 2003, The Bronx Wanderers have been entertaining audiences ever since.

After one of their stellar shows, one super impressed member of the press gushed, “From the state-of-the-art sound and lighting to the band members’ impeccable professionalism and musicianship to an array of pop and rock classics spanning six decades, this was a rip-roaring rock show. Bronx-meets-Branson at a Van Halen soundcheck.”

In addition to their musical performance, you'll hear personal stories about an array of celebrities and music industry icons, like Tony Orlando, Wayne Newton, Billy Joel, Chazz Palminteri and Danny Aiello.

According to another reviewer, “This show is intimate and full of family anecdotes and jokes… but above all, it’s full of the kind of magic that can only be achieved with family.”

The Bronx Wanderers pride themselves on being one of the only shows able to entertain audiences of all ages in one sweeping musical tour-de-force. Aside from touring all over the country, they have enjoyed a Las Vegas residency since 2016. In that time, they’ve been awarded 12 Best of Vegas Awards, and are ranked in the top 10 out of 253 shows in Las Vegas. In 2022, they were awarded the "Best Show" by Las Vegas Weekly and were also recently inducted into the East Coast Music Hall of Fame. The chemistry and energy they exert show after show proves they are still having the time of their lives on stage 20 years later, and you will too.

Although it may seem like a tribute band like the ones you can find in many parts of the United States, The Bronx Wanderers is not a tribute band. They are different for two fundamental factors. First, those who pay tribute to a particular band end up adopting, out of admiration or assimilation, the personalities of whom they admire so much, and this causes their own identity to be diluted with the passage of playing the same musical repetitions over and over. Second, the evolution of what happens, happens not in the backstage corridors or the tour buses. The ties of this band have been formed from places that no other tribute band has.

This is where we dare to say that The Bronx Wanderers is not, in fact, a tribute band. Although if fans insist on calling it that, then let us agree that the tribute they make is to themselves, to the dreams that they kept alive and to the illusion of a patriarch who today can give thanks for the motivation that kept him waiting all these years for the power to achieve it.

Quoting the great Tony Orlando, The Bronx Wanderers are simply playing The Soundtrack of THEIR Life.

“The Bronx Wanderers deliver more Badda Bing Badda Bang for the buck. BRAVO!”