Always… Patsy Cline

Thursday, Jan 5, 2023
at 7:00pm
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Louise Seger of Houston heard Patsy Cline for the first time when she appeared on the Arthur Godfrey Show in 1957. Seger became a huge fan of the singer and hounded the local disk jockey to play Cline’s music on the radio.

Cline appeared in Houston in 1961 and Seger and some friends got to the theater 90 minutes early. They met Cline, who was traveling alone, and the two women began talking, a conversation that continued when Cline spent the night at Seger’s home. Over a pot of strong coffee, the two women chatted about their common concerns. When Cline finally left for Dallas, her next stop, the two women exchanged addresses and telephone numbers. Seger never expected to hear from Cline again, but soon after she left, Seger received the first of many letters and phone calls from Cline. Their friendship continued until Cline’s untimely death in a plane crash in 1963. The relationship, which began as fan worship, evolved into one of mutual respect. It’s the kind of relationship we all fantasize about having with one of our heroes.

The play Always… Patsy Cline focuses on the evening at Houston’s Esquire Ballroom when Seger learns of Cline’s death. Seger’s thoughts provide the narrative while Cline floats in and out of the sets, singing the tunes that made her one of the most influential vocalists of the 20th century: “I Fall to Pieces,” “Crazy,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Walkin’ After Midnight” and more.

The show, which the Los Angeles Times called “a song-filled valentine,” combines humor, sadness and reality. It offers fans who remember Patsy Cline while she was alive a chance to look back and introduces her to new generations of fans. Her recording career only lasted eight short years, but Always… Patsy Cline will help you see why she remains relevant 50 years after her death.

You’ll have sweet dreams, as well.